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Carlyon Bay



Terra Firma (South) have conducted multiple successful site investigations on a variety of greenfield sites. Investigation of a greenfield site often means no previous data exists, therefore, the information we collect for our clients is highly valuable.

CASE STUDY: Carlyon Bay, St. Austell

Terra Firma (South) have been commissioned to carry out a ground investigation of a cliff-top site, above the infamous Carlyon Bay. 

The developers of the site have plans for building a two storey management facility, on land to the south of Carlyon Bay car park, with a cantilever balcony overlooking their proposed residential development.

A variety of techniques were used to assess the conditions of the underlying cliff, including rotary boreholes with downhole borehole imaging scans, highlighting weaknesses and significant fractures in the underlying bedrock lithology. In addition, cliff scanline surveys were conducted to depict the surface conditions and stability of the cliff face, as well as machine excavated trial trenches, in an attempt to unearth any potential ancient mine workings on the site.

By amalgamating this information, the site conditions and underlying lithologies can be understood in three-dimensions, allowing further development of this extravagant site to commence.

Terra Firma (South) are providing safe and economical geotechnical solutions which are driving forward the development of this unique, challenging and exciting project!